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"Amazing"!…………. "You must have put some real hard work to take from an idea to a finished product.  These are really great!"

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Van Dorn's

Van Dorn's SHAKE 'N SHAD is a solar powered, vibrating top water fishing lure that moves erratically on the surface of the water with each sudden jerk on your fishing line.  Like a wounded minnow, this lure provides a tantalizing easy looking meal for a predator fish and it also draws attention to the bait with its fish attracting, solar powered, vibrating, internal motor.  Van Dorn's Shake 'N Shad is an exciting and fun lure for anyone that loves the thrill of watching explosive strikes on the top of the water.

Pro Angler, Jim Lishness, on the Shake 'N Shad:

"The new Shake-'N- Shad is great. It has become my all around favorite top water lure. It catches bass when other top water lures fall short. And it's great on cloudy days as well. The action and the profile of the lure, lying on its side like an easy meal, is more than the bass can stand." 


With so many great products out there and new products coming out almost daily, the first product released had to be exceptional and the Solar Popper is just such a lure.  It is a lure you can use even when the sun is not shining.

SOLAR POPPER features: 


The Solar Popper is a vibrating, noisy, top water lure that mimics the sound of a bug in distress. Through some rather clever ingenuity, both vibrating energy and sound are enhanced in the lures specially designed internal chamber.  You will truly be amazed the very first time you hold this lure in your hand and allow the sun to activate it. 


Surface fishing is all about making noise and that is exactly what this popper style lure can do.  The pop is created by a quick jerk on your line, thus bringing the lure a few feet closer to you.  You then, take up the slack line and repeat the quick jerk each time after the lure has set idle for 5 - 8 seconds. Stay ready though, popper style fishing can result in explosive strikes.  

And Third:

As water current moves beneath the surface of the water, the dressed out treble hook continues to present life like movement even when the lure is sitting idle. This, of course, is not new information but it is the reason I selected the dressed treble hook for the Solar Popper.  With the added fish attracting vibration and the dressed out treble hook, the Solar Lure will be a simply irresistible target for a predator fish. 

Van Dorn's  SHAKE 'N SHAD
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