Solar Power Fishing Lures

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"Amazing"!…………. "You must have put some real hard work to take from an idea to a finished product.  These are really great!"

Paul Adams – (United Kingdom)

 With over 50 instructional, lure 

making, videos on his 

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Early video working on Solar Powered Lure Designs
Multiple Lure Designs and Pictures Below
SOLAR POPPER - Black Knight
(Revision 2014)

The Solar Popper Bass Lure has three 

(3) fish attracting Features: 

(1) The Solar Popper is a vibrating, noisy, top water lure that mimics the sound of a bug in distress. Through some rather clever ingenuity, both vibrating energy and sound are enhanced in the lures specially designed internal chamber.  You will truly be amazed the very first time you hold this lure in your hand and allow the sun to activate it.  


(2)  Top water fishing is all about attracting fish to your lure by making noise and that is exactly what this popper style lure can do. The pop is created by a quick jerk on your line, thus bringing the lure a few feet closer to you.  You then, take up the slack line and repeat the quick jerk each time after the lure has set idle for 5 - 8 seconds. Stay ready though, popper style fishing can result in explosive strikes.  


(3) The legs on this lure are the third fish attracting feature on this lure. From beneath this lure what a predator fish sees and hears is a bug in distress. This lure is simply a target too inviting for a predator fish to resist. 

Pictures of Fish Caught using the
Pictures of Fish Caught using the 

Pictures of Fish Caught using the


Bream Caught in Australia using the
Solar Popper (Black Knight)

Note Regarding the Shake 'N Shad:
For those that have been asking about when the Shake 'N Shad will go back on sale;
The Shake 'N Shad is currently undergoing design improvements. It should be available in early October. 


 Of people that have used SunShine Electric Fishing Lure products

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These things are amazing. I let it set for about 10 seconds and a bass went nuts over it. The fish are pretty sluggish now as it is getting pretty cold, where I am in Japan, but the buzz these things throw off really brings them in. I'll definitely be buying more of them. 

(Purchased (2) Rev 2014 Solar Poppers)

Chris Wargo - In Japan

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I tried my new solar popper and literally had a bass in less then thirty seconds.


(Purchased - Frog Color Solar Popper)

Mark Karbula


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Your lures work great. I caught 22 bass yesterday on it and 3 chain pickerel. There are a lot of Cicada's around here in Maryland right now. I think the bass believe the solar popper is one of those. I wonder if its cheating using them in a bass tournament? hehe. Thanks again Micheal,

In about a month I will probably want some more of these for gifts to fellow anglers etc etc.


(Purchased – (3) Black Night, Solar Popper)

Jim Lishness

California, MD

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I met Michael, selling his Solar Poppers at a local festival in Covington.  I bought one and took it directly to a local pond, to test it out and caught 8 nice size bass in less than 30 minutes.  Needless to say, I went right back and bought 3 more.  I will be telling my friends about these lure.


 (Purchased – 2 Black Night & 2 Frog Color, Solar Popper)


Buddy Roads


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What a blast!  I found your website by accident and bought a lure for my son and one for me, to try in the back waters of Florida.  My son is 10 and I get him every other weekend and what a great time we had with these lures.  A lure that vibrates is cool to my 10 year old anyway, but they really do work.  My son caught a nice bass on his first cast.  In all, we caught 31 bass and 6 nice size shell crackers in about 4 hours of fishing.  We will be doing this again.


(Purchased – 1 Black Night & 1 Frog Color, Solar Popper)

David Tucker


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I have bought Van Dorn’s  Shake 'N Shad, the Winged Bug and the Solar Popper. I love them all. I have caught many fish from bass to bream and even a few crappie. Fish are easily attracted to the lures even when the motors are not activated by the sun.


(Purchased – 1 Winged Bug, 1 Solar Popper & 1 Shake ‘N Shad) Also tested and approved the Weedless Solar Frog and the Weedless Winged Bug.


Raul Cobos

Rochelle, IL

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Caught by Chris Wargo using a Rev 2014 Solar Popper in Japan
Raul Cobos catches bass even at night time with the Weedless Winged Bug even when the vibrating motor is not activated.